SASKATOON — When a restaurant closes it’s not uncommon for items, many of which are commercial-grade, to be auctioned off.

However, it’s rare that the wares of an eatery with a storied, decades-long history like the Golden Dragon are offered up.

“We are pleased to conduct the close-out auction for The Golden Dragon and the former Hollows Restaurant, one of Saskatoon’s oldest and highly revered landmarks,” McDougall Real Estate Auctions says on its website.

The restaurant, first opened in 1958, became known over the years for its delicious food, the welcoming hospitality of its owners and its iconic lighted sign. 

The building, most recently occupied by foodie-favourite The Hollows, is slated for demolition in September. 

Now the dishes, distinctive decor and seating from a beloved restaurant that once served Harry Belafonte are being sold through an online auction.

Here are seven highlights from the sale:

The shrine

Golden Dragon/ Shrine

Photo source: McDougall Real Estate Auctions

Like many of the items featured in the auction, the restaurant’s replica shrine is being sold with the caveat that the buyer must remove it from the site. While relocating the large facade would likely prove to be a bit of a project, the payoff of owning such a unique piece of Saskatoon’s history might make it worth the effort.

The booths

Golden Dragon/Benches

Photo source: McDougall Real Estate Auctions

The Golden Dragon’s booth seating where countless meals have been enjoyed over the years are also for sale. The booths could serve as a vibrant, retro addition to a dining area in another restaurant — or even at home.

Parking sign

Golden Dragon/ parking sign

Photo source: McDougall Real Estate Auctions

The now-removed, massive lighted sign perched on the on side of the building told people where to eat, this is the sign that let them know where to park — and it could be yours if you’re the highest bidder.

A golden dragon

Golden Dragon/ dragon

Photo source: McDougall Real Estate Auctions

While bringing home a sign intended for a parking lot or a wall-sized shrine may not be practical for many, this roughly one-and-half metre long paper mache dragon could be the perfect item for someone looking to own more modestly-sized piece of the Golden Dragon.


 Golden Dragon / light

Photo source: McDougall Real Estate Auctions

Also offered through the auction are the lantern light covers that helped provide the inviting ambience for which the Golden Dragon was known.

Pink elephant and more golden dragons

Golden Dragon / Pink elephant

Golden Dragon / dragons

Photo source: McDougall Real Estate Auctions

Being sold together as a lot are a cement pink elephant and a pair of golden dragon wall decorations that hung inside the restaurant.

Antique crates

Golden Dragon / Crates

Photo source: McDougall Real Estate Auctions

Another more practical option for someone looking to own a piece of the Golden Dragon’s history. These antique wood crates are ripe with home decoration potential.