EAST DORSET, VT. 2/25/20 – Engineered Printing Solutions (EPS) announced the launch of the RAPIDFIRE 2.0 laser cliché maker as a follow up to the original model.  Coming in at roughly half the price of the previous model, the RAPIDFIRE 2.0 is compatible with Adobe Illustrator® and Corel Draw® and offers much cleaner and more precise engraving, with resolutions up to 1,000 dpi. The updated machine also boasts a more intuitive interface than the previous model.  With a small footprint and network capability, the RAPIDFIRE 2.0 can be operated by multiple PCs, allowing a sharing of hardware resources.  The onboard memory buffer allows dozens of jobs to be stored, reducing changeover time.  Go to www.epsvt.com or call (800) 272-7764 to find out more.

Engineered Printing Solutions was founded in 1985 as Pad Print Machinery of Vermont.  In addition to offering a full line of pad print machines, consumables, and other products ancillary to pad printing, since 2006, EPS has offered a full line of digital product-marking machines, including flatbed, single pass, and cylindrical inkjet printers.  For more information, please contact us at mailto:info@epsvt.com.