Fanshawe College is addressing concerns about online learning with a guarantee for its students, which includes letting them wait to take classes face-to-face if they’re unsatisfied. 

On Monday, the college announced an Exceptional Online Learning Guarantee, as well as a commitments to academics, student supports and health and safety. 

“We will do everything possible to ensure the success of our students,” said the college’s President, Peter Devlin, in a statement. “This guarantee builds on our commitment to providing the best educational experience possible.”

The college said it will allow students to defer the start date of their classes to the next available semester, if they want to wait to take their classes face-to-face. 

When it comes to academic commitment, the college said students will have live, online access to professors, as well as weekly scheduled office hours and academic advisors. 

The college has also expanded customer service hours and has committed to responding to all students’ questions within 24 hours, and has implemented intensive cleaning protocols.

In May, the college announced it would offer a blend of online and in-person course for work full-time students during the fall semester.