A shot taken for the Paris-Sorbonne University of Abu Dhabi the Emirati university that benefits from the famous Sorbonne, the shot taken from above in the night, the mixture of darkness in the surrounding area and roofs and building lights add nice effect on the image of this prestigious institution

Abu Dhabi , 30 March 2020 ; In line with the government’s instructions and procedures to limit the
spread of the emerging Corona virus (Covid-19) and the university’s responsibility to protect students,
Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi announces its success in launching distance learning. Professor Silvia
Serrano, Vice Chancellor of Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, highlighted the efforts and the readiness of
the Digital Transformation & Innovation department and the teamwork spirit of staff and Faculty. “Our
key priority is to maintain the continuity of the educational process and to ensure high quality of
learning for our students during this critical time”, she said. The DTI department provided multiple
training sessions, e-manuals and instructional videos to students and professors.
Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi’s preparedness for distance learning is the result of a long-term strategy
that was developed by the University. It aims to provide the needed digital support to all staff, faculty
and students. Along with other proactive steps, it enabled the university to take effective actions during
the emerging of Covid-19 and to quickly move to distance learning.
Hamdan Alkalbani, Head of the Digital Transformation & Innovation Department at Sorbonne Abu Dhabi
added: “The proactive measures that we have being taken in the previous years helped in the distance
learning implementation. Sorbonne Abu Dhabi is the first university in the UAE to transition its virtual
learning environment to Blackboard Learn on a cloud. A virtual lab allows the students to access
remotely to their labs, library is also accessible on the cloud. In addition, an E-Space was launched,
which is a platform that facilitates the access of all Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi members to all
services and applications needed from one page, at any time and at any place.” Also, there is a technical
team to support staff, students and Faculty. All these steps allowed all students and professors to go
through distance learning process smoothly.
Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi also took a number of preventive infrastructure measures to prepare for
any difficulties arising from the increased pressure and burden on the network as more and more
students move to study remotely. In addition, professors were provided with all the tools that can help
them manage their digital classrooms and meet their teaching objectives.

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