Kennedy Asante Osei and his wife Tracy Gyamfua Ameyaw have flown out of the country for their honeymoon in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

They allegedly used economy class to make their journey and this has attracted attention from social users as. It’s very obvious that their out of the world wedding-both the white and traditional wedding have offended some people (oh yeah- the mean comments all over social media prove this) and have used the moment to jab them.

Some questioned they did not use a private jet after disturbing Ghanaians with their opulent wedding.

The comments have not been positive and we would like to use this medium to ask Ghanaians to stop picking on them. Those making the unsavoury comments should use that same energy to enrich themselves so they can equally live their dream. 

It’s refreshing to note that some people fight these bullies anytime they start this nonsense.