7 Ways to Promote Your Brand’s Awards and Achievements Authentically – Chief Marketer

If your award-winning organization has done the hard part and earned that coveted accolade, now it’s time to promote it—without sounding conceited about it. An article in PRNEWS looks at seven ways to tout awards and achievements in an authentic and meaningful way.

“Winning an award is an exciting achievement for both individuals and companies, boasting a myriad of impactful business benefits—from generating visibility and enhancing credibility to differentiation from competitors and strong financial performance,” writes Veronica Zanellato Kido, President of Kido Communications.

“According to Best Business Awards, award-winning large companies experienced a 48% increase in operating income and a 37% growth in sales when compared to non-award winners, and award-winning small companies experienced a 63% increase in operating income, and a 39% growth in sales when compared to non-winners.

“Although no one wants to come across as arrogant or braggy, it’s perfectly acceptable to share the news of your awards and accolades,” she says.

Here are seven ways to do so, from sharing a video to displaying award logos to asking employees to spread the news.


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