Berhalter expands production facility | Labels & Labeling

Swiss manufacturer Berhalter has expanded its factory in response to high demand for its die-cutters B4 and B6. The expansion will enable the company to increase production capacity, offer faster delivery times and fortify its commitment to uninterrupted customer support.

The extended production area at the Widnau facility plays a pivotal role in empowering the company’s service and support team. With an optimized workflow and bolstered resources, the team is now primed to address customer inquiries, concerns, and technical support requests with unprecedented agility.

The enhanced response times aim to minimize downtime for clients, allowing them to maintain seamless operations and production efficiency.

Dalibor Schumann, managing director and member of the board at Berhalter Swiss Die-Cutting, said: ‘Flexibility and fast response times are integral to our core values. We understand that our customers rely on our expertise and assistance. With our expanded facility and a dedicated support team, we can now offer even quicker resolutions to any challenges our clients may face.’

The commitment to fast response times is embedded throughout the company’s operations, from initial contact to ongoing support and maintenance.

By fostering stronger and more transparent communication with clients, the company can better understand their evolving needs and preferences, facilitating continuous improvement in its products and services.

Beyond the direct benefits to Berhalter’s clients, the emphasis on fast response times contributes to a more efficient and agile supply chain across various industries. Time-sensitive production processes can rely on the company’s rapid support, minimizing potential disruptions and maximizing productivity.


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