Interbrand announces Best Spanish Brands 2023 – Interbrand

Spanish brands regain the value lost during the pandemic and surpass pre-2019 levels, according to Interbrand’s 2023 Best Spanish Brands report, the biennial study that includes the 30 most valuable brands in Spain.

Zara leads the list for the fourth consecutive edition, with a value of 14,735 million euros, a 24% increase compared to 2021. It is followed by Santander (which climbs to the second position) with 8,580 million euros (+21%); Movistar, with 7,287 million euros (-14%); BBVA, with 5,643 million euros (+18%); and CaixaBank, with 2,261 million euros (+16%).

The aggregated value of the table amounts to 55,873 million euros, a figure that reflects a 10% increase compared to 2021 and a 0.5% more than in 2019. Only the Top 5 accounts for almost 70% of the total value of the ranking.

“Interbrand’s valuation sets a value for the brand according to its ability to generate growth for the business. The results of this report, in this regard, tell us that the most valuable Spanish brands are capable of continuing to drive company results,” said Nancy Villanueva, CEO of Interbrand for Iberia and the Middle East. “And they do so in an environment that invites conservatism, to protect the heart of the business and postpone audacity for better times. However, it is in periods like the current ones that opportunities arise because the rules, standards, and conventions change,” she added.

Cupra takes center stage as the surprise of the edition with a direct entry into the 11th position, reflecting the multiplication of its value up to 1,208 million euros. Additionally, the hotel chain Meliá (#28, 218 million euros) and the distribution company Logista (#30, 198 million euros) make their debut on the list.

With a value of 481 million euros, the luxury brand Loewe emerges as the brand that has gained the most value in 2023 Best Spanish Brands, with a 25% increase compared to 2021. Also noteworthy are Zara (+24%), Santander (+21%), BBVA (+18%), and Banco Sabadell (+16%).


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