New compounds crafted via plant cloning, boosts crops, cost, climate

Plant cloning method forms new compounds to boost crop varieties

In a new study, researchers aimed to revolutionize plant cloning techniques by developing new compounds that enhance the rooting efficiency of cuttings from mature trees. 

Addressing challenges in modern agriculture, researchers endeavored to improve crop variety, reduce costs, increase economic viability, and adapt to climate change. 

Through their research, they also sought to contribute to global agriculture by creating new high-quality plant varieties, lowering the cost of seedlings, increasing yields, and promoting sustainability in agricultural production.

Mature tree cuttings to form roots

The researchers emphasized in a statement that inducing cuttings to form roots represents a crucial aspect of contemporary agricultural practices. They stated: “A significant number of fruit trees, as well as forest trees and ornamental plants, are today based on cutting propagation: the creation of plants that are genetic clones of an individual with desirable characteristics.”


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