Particle Health Launches New Patient Monitoring Solution Ahead of ViVE 2024 – Silicon UK

Particle Health, an intelligent data platform that aggregates and delivers actionable patient data and insights to healthcare companies, today announced the availability of its new Patient Monitoring Solution, a purpose-built technology-enabled offering designed to give provider organizations a 360-degree view of their patient’s care journey and how they interact with the healthcare system. Particle is powering a shift from reactive to proactive care through the solution’s advanced data insights that give a better understanding of how patients utilize healthcare resources. This care encounter data allows for more accurate risk management in Value Based Care (VBC) models, opportunities to advance care delivery, and improved patient outcomes. The company will showcase the offering next week at ViVE 2024 in Los Angeles, CA (Booth #1121).

Particle understands that provider organizations have historically struggled to accurately track and pinpoint when a patient has had a health encounter, which is especially critical for those requiring real-time action. With the introduction of the Patient Monitoring Solution, Particle is taking a holistic and strategic approach to helping healthcare providers secure a longitudinal view of their patient’s healthcare journey. By combining its deep expertise in the health information networks (HINs) and fueled by known diagnoses and historical usage patterns- knowing exactly when and where to look for critical provider-generated data, and then layering in Particle’s new search logic capabilities- the company is now able to build and fine-tune a personalized map of the patient’s provider network. VBC healthcare organizations will benefit from more timely patient alerts paired with more actionable clinical context.

Key features of Particle’s new Patient Monitoring Solution include:

ADT and EHR Integration: While Admission, Discharge and Transfer (ADT) systems play a crucial role in keeping tabs on a patient’s health, they’re only one part of the puzzle. Particle has integrated a wide range of data feeds, including ADTs, electronic health records (EHRs), and state health information exchanges (HIEs) into the company’s patient monitoring solution to deliver a comprehensive view of the patient.

Advanced Referral Management Capabilities: Particle’s Patient Monitoring Solution works to close the referral loop, informing providers when specialist referral appointments are scheduled and completed. The offering also passes through any clinically significant data from specialist encounters, including changes to medications or test results.

Care Journey Mapping: As your patients navigate through their healthcare journey, data is generated by various providers. With each encounter, Particle’s search logic builds and fine-tunes a personalized map of your patient’s provider network, fueled by known diagnoses and historical usage patterns.

“Particle Health built our new Patient Monitoring Solution to help clinical teams better optimize their workflows and available resources to achieve VBC quality metrics, but patient outcomes, in particular, will be the most impacted by what these new capabilities make possible,” said Claire Stanton, Senior Product Manager, Particle Health. “Needing to act as an intermediary between various doctors – relaying information across different appointments and having to repeat details and returning for multiple visits can be a frustrating and taxing experience. This new solution is designed specifically to remove a lot of those friction points, ensuring that all of a patient’s providers are actively informed of their healthcare encounters and empowering them to provide treatment in real-time.”

About Particle Health

Particle Health has built the integrations and APIs that enable a modern, seamless data experience for healthcare companies, with a mission to unlock the power of medical records in an intelligent platform that focuses health back on the patient.

Learn more about Particle at: or access the press kit at


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