’11 strategies to kickstart your marketing efforts’

As the seasons change, it’s essential to update your marketing strategies and revitalize your connection with your sphere of influence. With spring marking Marketing and Branding Month, this is the perfect time to explore innovative tactics that are making waves in the current real estate market.

To kickstart your marketing efforts, here are some fresh ideas to help you engage with your target audience:

1. Host a ‘pie party’ during holidays like Easter or Mother’s Day. Send out invitations and offer a fun “build your own pie” gathering to connect with potential clients.

2. Incorporate pop-bys into your marketing calendar by surprising past clients with small gifts like Starbucks cards or Simply Lemonade bottles with personalized notes.

3. Sponsor a food truck to visit your neighborhood farm area to attract residents and create a buzz on social media. This can be a great addition to your open houses to engage with neighbors.

4. Establish a community library in your farm area with books and games for residents to share and enjoy. This can help foster a sense of community and demonstrate your commitment to the neighborhood.

5. Utilize BombBomb videos to communicate with your sphere and past clients, adding a personal touch to your interactions.

6. Interview local small business owners to showcase their contributions to the community and highlight your support for local initiatives.

7. Create a QR code for one of your listings and display it on your car window to attract potential leads.

8. Host a client movie night event at a local theater to entertain and engage with your VIP clients.

9. Organize a neighborhood ‘spring clean-up day’ with fun activities for families and sponsor support to promote community involvement and cleanliness.

10. Capture fun pictures of your community and share them with your sphere with engaging captions to foster engagement and referrals.

11. Send at least five handwritten notes per week to people in your sphere and farm area to spread messages of hope and kindness, strengthening relationships and creating lasting impressions.

Building relationships with your community and farm area doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. By staying consistent, positive, and service-oriented, you can meet the needs of your clients and cultivate strong connections that lead to referrals and future business opportunities.


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