Celebrate the Earth in April with Brochu Walker

April is Earth Month, and to celebrate this environmentally conscious occasion, we shine a spotlight on the sustainable luxury brand, Brochu Walker. This Californian label not only offers chic and stylish pieces but also prioritizes sustainability in its production processes.

Brochu Walker is dedicated to reducing its impact on the environment by practicing mindful production methods. They use eco-friendly packaging and support water restoration initiatives in the United States. Through their partnership with BEF, they have successfully restored 60 million gallons of water.

In addition to their environmental efforts, Brochu Walker also prioritizes animal welfare. They work with knitwear mills that are members of ICCAW, an organization dedicated to promoting animal welfare. Their cashmere and wool/cashmere items are Certified by the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), ensuring the highest standards of animal welfare and social responsibility.

When it comes to packaging, Brochu Walker goes the extra mile by using plastic-free and compostable materials. Their products are shipped in high-quality compostable bags and reusable boxes, reducing their environmental footprint.

What sets Brochu Walker apart is their commitment to creating environmentally friendly designs using recycled materials, organic fibers, and new eco-yarns without compromising on luxury. This dedication to sustainability allows consumers to make a stylish statement while supporting a brand that cares for the planet.

Furthermore, through consumer purchases, Brochu Walker supports Feeding America, an organization dedicated to fighting hunger. Every dollar donated provides at least 10 meals to families in need, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to making a positive impact in the community.

This Earth Month, consider supporting brands like Brochu Walker that prioritize sustainability and social responsibility in their practices. Join the movement towards a more eco-conscious and compassionate fashion industry.


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