Charting Every Wikipedia Article

A stunning visual representation of the vast interconnected web of information found on Wikipedia has been created by developer adumb. The intricate graph showcases the relationships between over 6.3 million articles and a staggering 195 million links between them.

While the image may appear to be abstract art at first glance, it is actually a data-driven representation of the content found on the popular crowdsourced encyclopedia. adumb’s code has beautifully captured the complexity and depth of the information network that exists within Wikipedia.

Through this project, adumb has uncovered some fascinating insights into how different topics and articles are interlinked on the platform. This visualization serves as a testament to the wealth of knowledge and interconnectedness that can be found within Wikipedia.

The graph not only showcases the sheer volume of information available on the platform, but also highlights the intricate connections that exist between different topics and subjects. It is a visual reminder of the vast amount of knowledge that is accessible at our fingertips thanks to platforms like Wikipedia.

Overall, adumb’s visualization serves as a reminder of the power and reach of crowdsourced information platforms like Wikipedia, and the endless possibilities for exploration and discovery that they offer.


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