Dubai-based luxury fashion influencer Anastasia Shev Invited to Walk the prestigious Cannes Film Festival red carpet wearing Dubai-based fashion label Kristina Fidelskaya – PRWire


Dubai-based luxury fashion influencer Anastasia Shev Invited to Walk the prestigious Cannes Film Festival red carpet wearing Dubai-based fashion label Kristina Fidelskaya

May 24, 2023. Cannes, France – Dubai-based luxury fashion influencer Anastasia Shev poses in front of the camera as she walks the prestigious red-carpet premiere of French historical-romantic drama La Passion de Dodin Bouffant, today, May 24, 2023, at the 76th Cannes Film Festival.

Anastasia Shev was seen wearing an elegant corseted black ensemble with ruffled tulle made by Dubai and UAE based fashion label, Kristina Fidelskaya.

This is Anastasia’s debut at the Cannes Film Festival and she is honored to be invited and represent the UAE in this prestigious annual gathering of film and entertainment industry.

Commenting about her invitation to the festival, Anastasia said: “It is definitely a dream come true for me to be able to walk and be side-by-side with the big names in the film and entertainment industry. It is my first time to attend such a big festival and the energy is uncontainable.”

She commented about being invited as a luxury fashion influencer from Dubai, she said: “I am so lucky and privileged to be invited by the organizing committee to walk the red carpet premiere and watch the La Passion de Dodin Bouffant. It is a french historical drama and it is selected to compete at the Palm d’Or.”


It is not a surprise anymore that the Cannes Film Festival invites top influencers and celebrities to attend the red carpet premieres of several films that will debut at the festival. In previous years, we have seen influencers such as Farhana Bodi and Elvira Jain walking the red carpet premieres. Anastasia commented on what does she think about influencers getting recognized and invited to attend such prestigious events, “I believe that as a luxury fashion influencer I get to communicate my contents to a niche demographics, and I think the festival would like to target my audiences to promote the movies and other elements of the festival such as the trade shows and exhibition. I am just over the moon to be able to attend for the first time and I can’t wait to continue this tradition from here on.”


Anastasia Shev is a luxury fashion influencer with the fastest growing audience and highest engagement on the market.

She has attended exclusive brand shows and share these unique experiences with her audience by creating content on social media. She has successfully built a community of people who understand and value luxury fashion. Her goal is to expand and reach more international audiences.

Anastasia is considered as one of the fastest growing bloggers in the Arab world where she got over 100K subscribers in thirteen days after opening her first Arabic account on tiktok @shev.seen with trending posts.

Since then, she has continuously worked and created collaborations with numerous luxury brands such as Dior, Farfetch, Oscar de la renta, Miu miu, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Alexander McQueen, to name a few.

Commenting about her love for luxury: “I work exclusively with luxury brands. My loyalty towards luxury is what makes me and my content unique. My audience witnesses that I am true to who I am, and that I make partnerships not to get financial profit, but to show my trust and love towards specific brands.”

Supplied by: Yugen PR Dubai | @yugenpr


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