Get Fossil’s Top-Selling Smart Watch for 45% Off on Amazon Today

Where would we be without technology? No, seriously. Most of us are quite reliant on smartphones for a litany of daily tasks — everything from staying in touch with others to checking the time. But for those constantly on the move, having a smartwatch can put a smartphone’s most essential tasks right at hand and keep one from getting distracted by the iPhone’s signature flood of notifications.

This 44-millimeter touchscreen Fossil Smart Watch is perfect for those constantly on the go who want to be able to respond to calls, texts, and emails with a quick tap. Get this top-rated Apple Watch alternative for nearly 50% off today for just $162.99.

Courtesy of Amazon

The Fossil Gen 6 Smart Watch is built a lot like an Apple Watch, with a slightly more rugged design. It is compatible with all Android and iOS devices, and is compatible with the Alexa smart voice assistant so calls, texts, and other notifications can be answered with your voice.

This watch also keeps track of health-related activity, from sleeping habits to daily steps, and minutes of cardiovascular exertion. It’s an excellent choice for travelers, health nuts, or anyone looking to avoid checking one’s phone for the time but isn’t ready to strip down to analog.


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