Google is bringing some AI features to Chrome

With all the work that Google is doing with AI, it’s not surprising that the company is trying to find ways to integrate it into existing products and services. One of those products that will be getting a boost from AI is the Google Chrome browser.

Google has announced that they are bringing a bunch of generative AI features to Chrome. The first of these new features is a way for users to organize their tabs smartly. Using AI, Chrome will be able to suggest and create tab groups based on your current open tabs, saving you the time from having to sort it out yourself.

Another new AI feature comes in the form of creating your own themes. For those who like to use the Chrome themes but can’t find something that suits them, the new AI will let users create their own theme. The use of AI will let users create something that is truly unique to themselves.

Last but not least, Chrome is introducing AI to help users with their writing. This is an experimental feature will let you tell the AI the thing that you’re trying to write, and the AI will generate something for you. This can be useful if you’re trying to craft a quick reply to an email, leave a review for a restaurant or business, and so on.


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