‘Grocery store abandons cashierless technology’

Amazon has made the decision to discontinue its pursuit of autonomous “Just Walk Out” technology that allows shoppers to take items without going through a traditional checkout process. The technology, which uses artificial intelligence, was implemented in Amazon Fresh and Amazon Go locations. However, following customer feedback, the company has decided to cut the technology.

According to Amazon spokesperson Jessica Martin, customer feedback indicated a desire for more features and functionalities while shopping. Customers wanted the ability to easily find nearby products, access deals, view their receipts, and track their savings while browsing the store. As a result, Amazon is shifting its focus to AI-powered shopping carts known as Dash Carts, which still offer the benefit of skipping the checkout line.

While Just Walk Out technology will no longer be available in Amazon Fresh stores and Amazon Go locations, it will still be offered at Amazon Go stores, smaller format Amazon Fresh stores in the U.K., and third-party retailers. Amazon has also deployed the technology at various third-party locations such as airports, stadiums, university campuses, and more.

In a recent announcement, Amazon confirmed the removal of Just Walk Out technology from its recently renovated Amazon Fresh stores in Chicago and Southern California. The company stated that the decision was made in order to provide a better shopping experience by offering an expanded selection, lower prices, and updated checkout options. This move aligns with Amazon’s commitment to evolving its shopping experience based on customer needs and preferences.


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