‘Innovative Brushes for Virtual Art’

Crypto is becoming a new medium for creative possibilities, much like painting. Just as a painter uses paintbrushes to enter a space of curiosity and play, in the world of crypto, smart contracts act as tools to unlock infinite potential. These smart contracts are like crypto paintbrushes, inspiring new ways of thinking and creating. Here are three fundamental sets of smart contracts that are shaping the future of crypto:

1. Splits: Onchain splits allow for the seamless transfer of money across the Internet. By programming split logic into smart contracts, middlemen are eliminated, and the possibilities for creating economic legos are endless. Examples like Recoup, Diversifier, and Liquid Splits showcase the potential of these onchain splits.

2. Token Streaming: The concept of streaming money has been made possible by tools like Superfluid and Sablier. Money is now programmable and fluid, flowing constantly like a wave. This opens up opportunities for real-time money transfers, revolutionizing processes like vesting, salary payments, and subscriptions. The creative potential of this technology is vast and exciting.

3. Onchain Roles: Hats protocol is leading the way in bringing organizations onchain by treating roles as the atomic unit of an organization. By encoding roles’ permissions, responsibilities, and relationships through onchain data, new coordination networks can be formed over the Internet. This base layer logic provides a set of tools for crafting innovative ways of organizing.

These tools are not just solutions to problems, but gateways to unleash creative energy in the realms of coordination, distribution, economics, and identity within the crypto space. Just as a painter uses brushes to create art, these crypto paintbrushes are enabling individuals to paint new possibilities in the digital landscape. It’s time to get painting and explore the endless creative opportunities that crypto has to offer.


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