Innovative Technology Enables LGBTQ+ Couples to Have Biological Children

Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) have recently unveiled groundbreaking research that could revolutionize the way LGBTQ+ couples can have biological children using a technique called in vitro gametogenesis (IVG).

IVG involves transforming a skin cell into a viable egg, providing a new avenue for individuals who may not have their own viable eggs to still have biological children. The team at OHSU successfully manipulated a mouse’s skin cell nucleus and placed it into a different egg cell, altering the chromosomes to allow for DNA from two different donors to be used. This method, unlike cloning, offers the potential for genetic material from both parents to be present in the resulting embryo.

The fertilized egg is then created through in vitro fertilization, resulting in an embryo with two sets of chromosomes from each parent. This innovative technique could benefit women of advanced maternal age or those who have been rendered unable to produce viable eggs due to medical treatments.

While the research is currently focused on mice, the team is exploring the possibility of applying this technique to human eggs in the future. However, further extensive research is necessary before it can be considered a viable option for human reproduction.

“The insight gained from this research is invaluable,” explained Paula Amato, a professor at the OHSU School of Medicine. “But there is still much to learn about how these chromosomes pair and divide accurately to mimic natural processes.”

The findings from this study shed light on a potential new strategy for treating infertility among LGBTQ+ couples and individuals struggling to conceive, offering hope for a future where biological parenthood is more accessible and inclusive.


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