IoT Intercoms: How the Internet of Things Simplifies Real Estate

IoT Intercoms: How the Internet of Things Simplifies Real Estate
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Interconnected smart devices continuously exchange data, solve problems, and simplify everyday life. In fact, over 120 devices connect to the internet every second — and no matter your profession, you’ve probably interacted with at least one already today. One such device is an IoT intercom

While you might not expect a building intercom to be connected to the Internet of Things, an IoT intercom creates a secure and seamless property access experience. Read on to discover what an IoT intercom is and how it creates a better living and working experience for staff and tenants.

What is an IoT intercom?

An IoT intercom uses the internet to enhance its functions. IoT intercoms improve the communication capabilities of traditional analog intercoms while adding new, innovative features. 

IoT intercoms use the internet. Because of this, they share a few similarities with another type of intercom system: IP intercoms. However, IoT intercoms use a larger breadth of the internet. For example, an IP intercom might only use the internet to allow visitors and tenants to communicate wirelessly. On the other hand, IoT intercoms have the sensors and processing power to take full advantage of everything the internet has to offer.

As a result, an IoT intercom’s internet connection means that users can connect to it from anywhere. So, if you live or work in a building with an IoT intercom, you can grant access to somebody, even if you aren’t in the building yourself. 

Further, the speed at which data flows through the internet means that IoT intercoms also support flawless audio communication. Plus, the most robust IoT intercoms offer video communications as well. Some even offer a mobile app that lets you use your smartphone with the IoT video intercom system.

Benefits of an IoT intercom

Intercoms that use the Internet of Things are designed to make tenants’ lives easier. 

Here are some of the many benefits of an IoT intercom: 

  • Enhanced security. Property staff can track door release events to boost security and give their tenants peace of mind. 
  • Easy video and audio communication. IoT intercoms are connected to the internet, which makes them very fast. Because of this, IoT intercoms can facilitate video and audio communication between staff, tenants, and guests. 
  • Robust integrations. IoT intercoms can integrate with property management software and other smart access solutions. As a result, even if your IoT intercom is from a different brand than your property’s other access control devices, such as keypads and smart locks, you can control them all from one central hub instead of needing to monitor several.
  • Elevator connections. You can connect an IoT intercom with your elevator to empower tenants to unlock key-fobbed elevators from their smartphones, enabling property-wide access control.

How do tenants use IoT intercoms?

Thanks to the strong connection between IoT intercoms and the internet, it’s easy for everyone to use IoT intercoms!

Tenants can view who’s requesting access via the IoT intercom video camera, allowing them to visually verify the identity of guests. Similarly, property staff can use IoT intercoms to grant remote access to delivery couriers, property service providers, and maintenance workers. So, if there’s a late-night maintenance emergency, they don’t have to travel to the property to grant access.

Alternatively, guests can use an IoT intercom to request access from tenants or staff. And because an IoT intercom facilitates remote access, tenants don’t need to be present to grant entry. This means visitors, like service providers, can gain access even when the tenant isn’t present. 

How real estate professionals can use the Internet of Things

Real estate professionals like property owners, managers, and developers can use the Internet of Things by investing in proptech (property technology). Proptech systems that are powered by the Internet of Things improve the tenant’s living and working experiences in new ways.

Many IoT devices are developed with smart homes and smart properties in mind. For example, temperature sensors can detect when a room is occupied. Then, with that information, the sensors can determine whether that room needs air conditioning. 

However, many IoT devices created for properties weren’t built to address the primary challenge faced by property managers and owners: ensuring seamless yet secure property access. However, IoT intercoms are! So, by investing in an IoT intercom, managers can use the Internet of Things to create a smart visitor management system and solve one of the hardest and most prevalent problems.

If you want an intercom system that makes your renters’ lives easier and puts a world of new information at your fingertips, consider an IoT intercom. Countless others have used the power of the internet to transform the way they do business. Invest in an IoT solution and make the future work for you.


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