LEGOLAND California Unveils Fully-Animated LEGO Stegosaurus Model

The Stegosaurus may have lived during the late Jurassic Period, about 155 million to 150 million years ago, but a LEGO model of one is about to come to life at LEGOLAND California Resort!

What’s Happening:

  • The family theme park in Carlsbad just revealed behind the scenes time-lapse footage capturing the process of building a massive Stegosaurus, brick by brick.
  • The fully-animated prehistoric creature is the first of 17 LEGO models that will bring the park’s newest land, Dino Valley, to life when it opens this spring.
  • More than six Master Model Builders from Merlin’s Magic Making Studios took almost 500 hours to build the massive LEGO Stegosaurus using more than 119,000 LEGO elements.
  • The Stegosaurus, known for its distinctive row of kite-shaped plates along its back, has been meticulously and creatively recreated using a rainbow of colors stretching over 11 feet long.
  • Weighing 672 pounds, this dinosaur will be gently crated and delivered to LEGOLAND California as part of Dino Valley which will feature three roar-some rides, a build and play area and tons of prehistoric fun.
  • The excitement doesn’t end there! The 2024 season will also feature North America’s first-ever LEGO World Parade, launching this summer in honor of the park’s 25th birthday.
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Highlights of Dino Valley include:

  • DUPLO Little Dino Trail: Dinosaurs aren’t extinct here! Hop on this four-seater ride to journey through the LEGO DUPLO Dino safari. Kids can use cameras to ‘capture’ the dinosaurs and play hide & seek with them along the way.
  • Explorer River Quest: Embark on this river expedition to interact with LEGO dinosaur models – beware, you just might see a T-Rex!
  • Coastersaurus: Everyone’s favorite dinosaur ride will continue to bring guests through the prehistoric jungle of LEGO dinosaurs. Circle around the 1,100-pound Brachiosaurus and whiz by the ten-foot tall Parasaurolophus scavenging for food.
  • Interactive Dino Area: Dust off the dirt to reveal fossils in the Dino Dig area, build roar-some dinos with LEGO DUPLO bricks in the building zone and meet and greet with new costume characters.

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