‘New brand updates unveiled by Thomas Foods International in the USA’

Thomas Foods International USA (TFI), a prominent importer and processor of premium proteins, has unveiled a fresh new brand design for its Thomas Farms line. The aim of this redesign is to captivate consumers while effectively showcasing what sets Thomas Farms apart – their roots as an Australian family-run business and the superior quality of their products.

“We wanted to not only excite consumers but also visually communicate the essence of Thomas Farms; our Australian heritage and the exceptional quality of our offerings,” stated Michael Forrest, the CEO of Thomas Foods International USA.

The revamped packaging will highlight specific features and benefits of each product, such as being grass fed and finished, lean/fat ratios, humanely raised, certified USDA Organic, and all natural. The packaging itself will now be made of clear recyclable trays, a sustainable shift from the previously used black modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) containers.

Furthermore, every MAP film and pre-printed label on the back panel will feature a QR code linking to a website with recipes, instructional videos, nutritional details, and more. This added feature aims to cater to busy consumers who are increasingly conscious about the products they purchase.

“For modern consumers, it’s not just about buying a product; it’s about buying into a set of values. Our new packaging ensures that shoppers can easily identify the qualities important to them while also gaining mealtime inspiration and insight into our brand story,” Forrest explained.

The brand promise of the Thomas family, championed by Darren Thomas, the managing director of Thomas Foods International, will be prominently displayed on each and every package. This reaffirms the company’s commitment to upholding values that prioritize the welfare of animals, people, and the environment.


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