New Class EVs from BMW Will Feature Bi-Directional Charging

BMW’s upcoming Neue Klasse electric vehicles are set to feature bi-directional charging technology. This innovative feature will allow EV owners to not only charge their vehicles but also use them as a power source for electrical appliances, making it convenient for activities such as camping or using power tools.

The bi-directional charging technology will also enable BMW owners to contribute electricity back into the local power grid, a concept known as vehicle-to-grid technology. While the implementation of this technology may take some time and require regulatory approval, its potential benefits for society are significant.

By storing renewable electricity generated during the day, EV owners could be compensated for feeding excess energy back into the grid at night. This process can help power neighboring homes, stabilize the power network, and reduce operating costs for owners.

BMW is collaborating with E.ON to introduce its bidirectional charging system, and in the U.S., the automaker has joined forces with Ford and Honda in a joint venture called ChargeScape to facilitate vehicle-to-grid charging. This partnership aims to bring this advanced technology to fruition and revolutionize the way electric vehicles interact with the power grid.


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