New Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Established in Delaware

The Hispanic and Latino community in Delaware have come together to launch a new chamber of commerce to support their businesses. The Delaware Hispanic Chamber of Commerce officially opened its office on Lancaster Avenue in Wilmington on March 15, marking a significant milestone for the community. This initiative was led by the Hispanic American Association of Delaware and other community members, with the goal of providing support and resources to Hispanic business owners in Northern Delaware.

According to Ronaldo Tello, the executive director of the Hispanic American Association of Delaware, the establishment of the chamber was the result of years of groundwork. The chamber aims to support individuals who may feel intimidated by traditional chambers due to language barriers or technological challenges. Board meetings are conducted in Spanish to create a sense of inclusivity and community among members.

The Delaware Hispanic Chamber of Commerce originated from an award program launched by Tello’s Delaware Hispano Magazine, which celebrated Hispanic business leaders in the community. The program, which started in 2016, experienced a surge of interest when it resumed in 2023 after a brief hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This renewed enthusiasm led to the formation of the chamber, with approximately 240 businesses pledging their support in the first year.

Supporters of the chamber include the Hispanic American Association of Delaware, the Delaware Small Business Development Center, and corporate sponsors like Barclays, Walmart, and Del-One Federal Credit Union. The goal of the chamber is to provide services tailored to the diverse needs of Hispanic businesses, with a focus on supporting both new startups and established enterprises in Northern Delaware.

In the future, the chamber plans to establish a bilingual business center and kitchen incubator to assist food-based businesses within the community. Additionally, there are plans for events like a Quinceañeras Expo to showcase services like photography, videography, DJs, and banquet halls in Delaware. This initiative aims to provide a platform for businesses to thrive and succeed in a supportive and inclusive environment.


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