New Mid-Sized & Compact Crossover SUV Models Added to Rivian’s All-Electric Lineup

Rivian Automotive, a key player in the electric vehicle market since its establishment in 2009, made waves with the release of its pioneering all-electric SUV and pickup models, the R1S and R1T, in 2017. Fast forward to 2021, these vehicles hit the streets and marked a significant milestone for the company. Building on this success, Rivian has recently unveiled its latest additions to the electric automotive lineup – the Rivian R2 and Rivian R3.

The Rivian R2 promises an array of features and options, much like its predecessors. This includes various lifestyle accessories such as crash protection systems, board, kayak, and bike racks, camp kitchens, and rooftop tents. While detailed specifications and features are currently limited, Rivian assures that more information will be revealed in the near future. The Rivian R3, expected to be priced lower than the R2, aims to compete with models like the Tesla Model 3 in terms of affordability. Though the company has not confirmed a release date for the R3, interested customers can stay updated by signing up for notifications on the Rivian website.

To offer a sneak peek into what Rivian has in store, a video showcasing the R2, R3, and R3X has been released. This video highlights the adventure and excitement that these new electric vehicles promise to deliver. With Rivian’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, the Rivian R2 and R3 are sure to make a mark in the ever-evolving world of electric automobiles.


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