New Mobile App Provides Employees with Quick Access to Earned Wages

Instant Financial, a leading provider of responsible earned wage access (EWA), electronic tips, and paycard solutions, has announced the launch of its new mobile app and enhanced mobile wallet functionality. The goal is to offer employees a faster and more secure app experience, as well as provide greater flexibility in how they receive their pay.

Research shows that over 50% of Americans could avoid major financial challenges if they had instant access to a portion of their pay after each workday. Instant’s new mobile app aims to bridge this financial gap by empowering employees with more control over their finances.

The beta version of Instant’s app was unveiled at the 2023 HR Tech Conference & Expo in October, where attendees got a sneak peek at the app’s new features and capabilities.

Tal Clark, CEO of Instant Financial, emphasized the importance of meeting employee demands for flexible wage access options. Whether it’s covering unexpected costs, avoiding high-interest loans, or simply gaining more financial control, Instant is revolutionizing the way people get paid.

Key features of the new mobile app include faster access to earned wages, modern security measures like facial and fingerprint biometrics, flexible payment options, clear and informative design, and a new technology framework for enhanced speed and responsiveness.

By offering this improved mobile app experience, Instant continues its mission of providing employees with the freedom to access their pay when and how they prefer, without any additional fees.


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