New Paper Release Liner Recycling Locations Announced

TLMI and Soprema partner to expand paper release liner recycling efforts across the US

In a bid to boost sustainability and promote eco-friendly practices, TLMI has teamed up with Canadian company Soprema to increase paper release liner recycling options in the United States. Soprema, known for using paper release liner in the production of building components like roof boards, has added nine new locations to its network for recycling liner waste.

These new US locations include Albany in New York State, Jersey City in New Jersey, Boston in Massachusetts, Hartford in Connecticut, Baltimore in Maryland, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland in Ohio, Detroit in Michigan, Indianapolis in Indiana, and Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. Gregory Wielgus, Soprema’s procurement manager, highlighted the company’s commitment to sustainability by stating, “For any full truckload amounting to 20 tons, Soprema will handle all logistics. For smaller quantities, Soprema can provide gaylord boxes and coordinate collection and transportation with a regional partner. While we prefer release liner to be rewound on fiber cores, we also accept it loose or baled. However, release liner with more than 5 percent labels remaining cannot be accepted.”

This initiative not only promotes recycling and waste reduction but also highlights the importance of collaboration between industry players to achieve environmental goals. By expanding the options for paper release liner recycling, TLMI and Soprema are leading the way towards a greener and more sustainable future.


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