New Steps Taken to Ensure Short-Term Stability of Colorado River Through Energy and Climate Law Funding

In a significant move to ensure the stability of the Colorado River Basin, Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema celebrated the conservation of at least 3 million-acre-feet of water through the end of 2026. This achievement was made possible by the more than billion in funding that Sinema secured for Western water infrastructure and resilience through the 2022 energy and climate law.

The recent agreements reached in California mark a crucial step towards protecting the Colorado River system in the near-term. These agreements are expected to save hundreds of thousands of acre-feet of water in Lake Mead, a vital resource that serves hundreds of thousands of Arizonans.

Sinema emphasized the importance of these conservation agreements in ensuring Arizona’s water future for generations to come. The agreements include commitments from various districts, such as the Coachella Valley Water District, Palo Verde Irrigation District, and Bard Water District, to conserve significant amounts of water through 2026. These efforts are part of a larger initiative across the Lower Colorado River Basin to achieve conservation targets and preserve the water supply in the region.

By securing these critical funds and reaching new conservation agreements, Sinema has taken a proactive step towards ensuring the long-term success of Arizona’s water supply. The conservation efforts announced are a testament to the dedication and collaboration of stakeholders in the region to protect the valuable resources of the Colorado River Basin.


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