Private Dinner with Schiff, Roubini, Scaramucci at ZeroHedge Debate- Exclusive Event

ZeroHedge is teaming up with Crypto Banter on May 3 to host a debate titled “Cryptocurrency: is it the financial engine of the future or a worthless bubble?” The event will bring together top macroeconomic minds to argue both sides of the crypto debate.

In the anti-crypto corner, famous crypto bear Peter Schiff and renowned economist Nouriel Roubini will be presenting their opinions. On the pro-crypto side, Anthony Scaramucci, a famous wealth manager with over billion in AUM, and Erik Voorhees, a veteran in the crypto space and founder of ShapeShift, will be defending the digital asset class.

For readers interested in attending, ZeroHedge is offering a limited number of spaces to meet the participants backstage before the debate and enjoy dinner with the team and ZeroHedge staff in Palm Beach, Florida. Tickets for this exclusive opportunity are priced at ,000 each with a discount available for existing pro subscribers.

The tickets are all-inclusive, covering business class travel and luxury hotel accommodations in Palm Beach. Only five tickets are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, so interested individuals are encouraged to purchase theirs promptly.

For those unable to attend in person, the debate will be streamed live on on May 3 at 7pm ET. Secure your ticket now to be part of this insightful discussion on the future of cryptocurrency.

Please note that Anthony Scaramucci will not be able to attend the dinner but will participate in the debate in-studio. Businesses interested in purchasing all five tickets for a work retreat can contact for more information on discount pricing.


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