Simplified Integration of Laser Welding Packages into Larger Automation Line

AMADA WELD TECH, Inc. based in Monrovia, CA has recently unveiled its latest range of laser welding packages that are designed to facilitate easy integration into larger automation lines. These new packages build upon the existing components and semi-automated work cells by combining multiple components into one seamless package.

The laser welding integrator packages, also known as sub-systems, include a variety of components such as lasers, beam delivery systems, machine vision tools, and process monitoring equipment that are bundled together for effortless adoption into enclosures or onto production lines.

Some key features of these packages include GUI software, manuals, drawings, industrial communication command set, and integration examples. In addition, customers will have access to AMADA WELD TECH’s technical center where a team of engineers will be available to provide support for application and process development.

This announcement reflects AMADA WELD TECH’s commitment to providing innovative solutions for laser welding applications and making the integration process as smooth as possible for their customers. With these new integrator packages, manufacturers can streamline their automation processes and boost efficiency in their production lines.


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