Solana remains resilient amid FTX’s SOL selloff; Raboo and meme coin BONK see price surge

The Solana ecosystem remains strong despite the turbulence caused by the bankruptcy proceedings of the FTX exchange. While FTX has been liquidating its cryptocurrency holdings, totaling million and potentially more, the price of Solana continues to rise.

In the midst of these events, Raboo has emerged as a significant player in the crypto world. With its AI technology and embrace of meme culture, Raboo’s presale has already raised nearly .3 million. Analysts are predicting a 100x surge for Raboo in the coming year, making it a project worth monitoring.

Raboo sets itself apart from other meme coins by building a community centered around memes where users can share their creations and earn through Raboo’s unique “Post-to-Earn” model. With the increasing interest in AI-powered crypto projects, Raboo is positioned for significant growth in the upcoming months.

Additionally, the Solana network is experiencing a boost from BONK, a meme coin gaining popularity and seeing substantial gains. BONK has introduced a novel way to earn rewards through “single-sided staking,” offering a 25% annual return. The positive sentiments surrounding Solana, combined with innovative projects like BONK, have led to increased trading activity and overall value for the network.

As Solana’s price continues to climb, surpassing initial predictions, big-name investors have taken notice. However, while BONK initially contributed to Solana’s success, its price has struggled to maintain momentum, causing some investors to lose confidence. In contrast, Raboo has quickly gained traction in the Solana ecosystem, outpacing established meme coins like Floki even during its presale stage.

With a focus on community engagement and its unique earning model, Raboo is set for significant growth in 2024. Solana’s resilience in the face of challenges, such as the FTX sell-off, and the rising popularity of meme coins like BONK and Raboo highlight the network’s strength and potential for future growth.

For those looking to get involved in the exciting Solana ecosystem, participating in the Raboo presale presents a promising opportunity. Stay tuned for explosive growth in the coming year.

To participate in the Raboo presale, visit their website here: Join the Raboo community on Telegram at and follow them on Twitter at


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