Tap to Pay with Your Phone: Easy Shopping with Visa Mobile Contactless Payment

Malaysians have rapidly adopted contactless payment methods, making the country one of the top in the ASEAN region to embrace tap-to-pay and e-wallet transactions. Contactless payment, powered by Visa, is widely used across different segments of society, from the elderly to the young, and from the affluent to the everyday person. This method of payment is not only convenient and secure but is also accepted almost everywhere.

With Visa Mobile Contactless Payment, using your phone or smartwatch to pay for purchases has become incredibly convenient. Whether it’s buying groceries at a supermarket or filling up gas at the pump, all it takes is a simple tap to complete the transaction. The ease and efficiency of mobile contactless payment have contributed to its growing popularity in Malaysia. In 2021, 40% of users opted to pay with their smartphones or smartwatches, a figure slightly lower than the ASEAN average.

The rise in mobile contactless payment can be attributed to the increasing availability of NFC-enabled smartphones, even in lower-end models. Additionally, the safety and security provided by Visa’s Token Service further reinforce the trust in using mobile devices for transactions. Setting up Visa Mobile Contactless Payment is straightforward, requiring users to add their Visa Card to their payment-enabled smartphone or smartwatch and look for the contactless symbol at checkout.

Major mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay in Malaysia support Visa Mobile Contactless Payment, as do most major banks. Adding cards to the mobile wallet is a simple one-time step that enhances the ease of making contactless payments. What sets mobile contactless payment apart is its independence from an internet connection, ensuring secure transactions within the device.

The process involves converting card details into tokens stored securely on the device, with validation and decryption happening locally without the need for an internet connection. This means that every payment transaction is safe and protected by Visa’s security measures. Embracing mobile contactless payment is not only a modern way to pay for purchases but also a secure and efficient method that simplifies transactions for users.

To learn more about Visa Mobile Contactless Payment, visit www.visa.com.my. Start tapping to pay with your phone or smartwatch for a seamless and secure payment experience.


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