“Texas Corporation Acquires Engineering Firm in Southwest Florida”

A Texas-based engineering and consulting services company, Pape-Dawson Engineers, has recently acquired GradyMinor, a civil engineering firm with offices in Southwest Florida and a total of 75 employees. The Bonita Springs-based firm, founded in 1981, specializes in municipal engineering, land development, land planning, surveying and mapping, and landscape architecture. They have offices in both Bonita Springs and Fort Myers.

The President of Pape-Dawson Engineers, Gene Dawson, expressed excitement about the acquisition, stating that GradyMinor shares their commitment to excellence in engineering and provides clients with a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to project design. The alignment of core values and the reputation of GradyMinor were key factors in the decision to partner with them. This acquisition not only strengthens Pape-Dawson’s presence in Florida but also expands their local team to better serve the needs of the growing state.

This is not the first acquisition in Florida for Pape-Dawson Engineers, as they previously acquired Orlando-based Poulos & Bennett in 2022. GradyMinor’s President, Mark Minor, expressed enthusiasm about joining the Pape-Dawson family and looks forward to leveraging the expanded resources and support that Pape-Dawson offers to employees and clients. Together, they are well-positioned to continue serving communities across Florida with enhanced capabilities.

Pape-Dawson Engineers, established in 1965, further solidified its position with a strategic partnership with Palm Beach Capital in 2023. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality engineering services and looks to continue expanding its presence and offerings in the state of Florida.


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