“The Future of Sustainable Living in a Mobile Home”

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) has introduced a revolutionary project called MO.CA (MOBILE CATALYST), aiming to address the increasing importance of sustainability and mobility in today’s world. This modern mobile home is constructed using zero-kilometer natural materials and cutting-edge digital construction techniques, offering a new eco-friendly living option. Developed by a team of students and researchers from IAAC’s Masters program in Advanced Ecological Buildings & Biocities (MAEBB), MO.CA is set to redefine mobile living spaces.

MO.CA is not just an ordinary mobile home – it represents a vision of the future. Crafted entirely from sustainably harvested dowel-laminated wood sourced from IAAC’s Valldaura Labs in the Collserola Natural Park of Barcelona, this self-sufficient dwelling seamlessly blends traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation. Designed for the comfort of two individuals, MO.CA includes essential domestic amenities while minimizing its environmental impact.

At the core of MO.CA is a commitment to self-sufficiency and mobility, inspired by the human desire for freedom and exploration. The team behind MO.CA aimed to create a home that meets contemporary needs and contributes positively to its surroundings. With a focus on collaboration and knowledge sharing, MO.CA serves as a catalyst for change wherever it goes.

The project credits go to Direction by Vicente Guallart, Daniel Ibañez, and Michael Salka, Academic coordination by Esin Zeynep Aydemir, and Lab managers Bruno Ganem Coutinho and Lorenzo Salinas. The project was designed and developed by the students of the Masters program in Advanced Ecological Buildings & Biocities (MAEBB), 2022/23 class, with support from Valldaura Labs of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, sponsors Luz Negra and Tallfusta, and the support of Parc de Collserola. Photography credit goes to Adrià Goula.


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