Three new multi-EV charging products unveiled by InCharge Energy

InCharge Energy, a leading commercial fleet charging services provider, has recently unveiled three innovative chargers – the ICE-600, ICE-480, and ICE CUBE.

The ICE-600 comes equipped with a Micro Dispenser that offers dynamic power sharing of up to 500 kW, allowing for the simultaneous charging of up to 10 electric vehicles. The system can charge either 10 single-cable dispensers or five dual-cable dispensers, making it ideal for locations with space constraints. With power sharing in 60 kW increments and auto-rerouting capabilities, the ICE-600 ensures efficient and seamless charging experiences for EV owners. Customer deliveries of the ICE-600 are scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of 2024.

On the other hand, the ICE-480 allows for the positioning of the power cabinet and up to four Slim Line dispensers approximately 100 yards apart. This system enables the charging of up to eight EVs simultaneously, with power shared dynamically in 120 kW increments. With the ability to provide up to 480 kW through a single connector, the ICE-480 offers flexibility and convenience for fleet charging.

Lastly, the ICE CUBE is a 240 kW split charging system with integrated battery storage of 200 kWh, expandable to 800 kWh. This system ensures continuous charging availability during peak periods by utilizing battery storage. With the capacity to charge four vehicles at two dispensers, the ICE CUBE provides a versatile and reliable charging solution for fleet operators.

Nikolas Runge, the Chief Technology Officer at InCharge Energy, emphasized the importance of these new charging solutions in addressing the growing demand for powerful and efficient fleet charging options. By catering to the need for simultaneous and dynamic charging in limited spaces, InCharge Energy is paving the way for the future of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.


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