Top 6 Change Management Applications

Change management is a crucial process for HR leaders and other professionals, but it can be challenging to navigate. However, there are tech tools available that can facilitate this process and ensure a smooth transition.

Utilizing change management applications can assist HR leaders in effectively planning, implementing, and evaluating the success of the change. Tools such as project management software and survey programs can offer valuable insights into progress and suggest ways to enhance the change process.

Change management software is designed to help companies optimize the outcomes of organizational changes. These software tools can aid employees in managing the transition, supporting them as they adapt to new processes or software, tracking progress in embracing the change, and assessing the impact of the change.

When a company undergoes a significant change, such as implementing a new system, leaders typically anticipate improvements in areas such as cost reduction, operational efficiency, or increased sales. Change management software can play a crucial role in increasing adoption of the new system and measuring the effects of the change. For instance, incorporating training tools within the new software can facilitate quicker employee learning. Dashboards can be used to compare old operations with new ones, surveys can capture feedback from employees to enhance FAQs and training materials.

Several top change management software tools are available to assist companies in navigating transitions effectively. Some notable tools include:

– 360Learning: Facilitates employee training on new systems by enabling users to create learning content and subject matter experts to contribute new learning material.
– Asana: A project management tool that helps users track and manage new initiatives through task assignment, project setup, and reminders.
– Freshworks: Similar to help desk software, Freshworks helps employees submit and track requests, avoiding issues caused by multiple channels for requests.
– SurveyMonkey: Enables the collection of employee feedback through customizable surveys with various question formats.
– Tableau: A business intelligence application that summarizes and displays data for leaders to measure transition success and make informed decisions.
– WalkMe: A digital adoption platform that helps employees learn new systems by providing tips and information directly in the software and tracking system usage.

By leveraging these change management tools and software, companies can streamline the change process, enhance employee adoption of new systems, and ensure successful transitions.


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