Transform robotic answers from ChatGPT to sound more human with this prompt hack

ChatGPT has become an essential tool in many people’s daily lives, serving various purposes from research to casual conversations. With the advancements in generative AI technology, users can now experience ChatGPT’s best features, making interactions more intuitive and engaging.

One key factor in optimizing ChatGPT’s responses is issuing the right prompts. By experimenting with different prompts, users can unlock new capabilities and enhance the chatbot’s conversational tone. A recent discovery suggests that by adding a simple instruction to the prompt, ChatGPT can sound more human-like and less robotic.

While some users may prefer the AI’s robotic tone as a reminder of its artificial nature, others are exploring ways to make conversations with ChatGPT feel more natural. A hack shared by Joe Benson on X recommends adding the instruction “[prompt] in the tone of a text message to a friend without a salutation or emojis” to achieve a more conversational tone in ChatGPT’s responses.

This simple addition to prompts can make a significant difference in how ChatGPT generates responses, making them sound more realistic and relatable. Whether you’re using the chatbot for emails, descriptions, or explanations, this hack can help enhance the overall user experience and make interactions with AI more enjoyable.


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