Unexpected animal reactions to solar eclipses

Researching animal behavior during solar eclipses presents unique challenges for scientists due to the scattered paths of eclipses around the world. These events are often only visible from remote areas, making it difficult to collect comprehensive data on animal reactions.

Ecologist Rebecca Johnson from the California Academy of Sciences explains that studying animal behavior during eclipses requires extensive field observations and strict protocols. “If you really want to study behavior in a thorough manner, you need to invest a lot of time in the field and follow rigorous methodologies,” says Johnson.

For eclipse-chasers like Dave Balch and Tora Greve, observing animal reactions during eclipses has led to fascinating discoveries. Balch witnessed a drastic change in noise levels among birds during a total eclipse in Hawaii, while Greve noticed giraffes behaving erratically during an eclipse in Zambia.

Despite the challenges of studying animal behavior during eclipses, these unique events offer valuable insights into how wildlife reacts to sudden changes in light and temperature. Wildlife enthusiasts and scientists alike continue to be captivated by the intriguing behavior exhibited by animals during these rare celestial events.


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