Volie incorporates STELLA AI into its BDC call center software

Automotive BDC software provider Volie is integrating STELLA Automotive AI’s conversational artificial intelligence technology into its call center software with the goal of delivering a “next-generation” customer experience.

The deal integrates STELLA data into Volie’s call screen to give dealers enhanced interactions for streamlined communication. The combination is designed to provide relevant customer details from previous STELLA conversations, reducing repetitive questions and creating a more seamless experience.

Volie president and co-founder Scott Davis called the integration “a win for auto dealers and their customers.”

“The goal is to provide a better experience for our dealers’ customers,” he said. “Working with STELLA Automotive AI will allow our dealers more time to focus on growing their business through outbound calls.”

Volie’s call center software is designed to simplify BDC operations, eliminating the need for desk phones. The integration campaign engine consolidates data from the DMS, CRM, OEM, web leads and all data sources to optimize daily workflows and prioritize the most important areas for dealership agents.

STELLA is designed to manage repetitive calls and transfer customers to dealership personnel, like BDC agents, using Volie software.

The companies said the integration enhances dealership operations, reduces costs and improves customer satisfaction scores.

“By seamlessly integrating our advanced conversational AI technology with Volie’s all-in-one BDC software,” STELLA CEO Rich Sands, CEO said, “dealers are empowered with more robust information, gaining an edge for more intelligent interactions with their customers. We already have dealers taking advantage of this integration and reporting enhanced customer interactions as a result.”


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