Weaving the Golden Thread into Local Fabrics

The importance of evidence-based teacher and leadership development cannot be understated. However, to truly harness its value, it must be woven together with contextual understanding, strong relationships, and a clear purpose. Without skilled leaders who can integrate these elements, the golden thread of evidence risks losing its true impact.

To address this need for skilled leaders, a set of leadership programs has been developed by the Reach Foundation in collaboration with 30 partner trusts across England. These programs, such as SW100, West100, Yorks100, and East100 (launching in September 2024), focus on cultivating aspiring headteachers regionally. Additionally, LeadingTrusts caters to aspiring trust CEOs nationally.

These programs build on the knowledge gained from NPQs but offer a unique local perspective. Each program prioritizes leaders dedicated to serving children facing disadvantage in their communities. The core principles of these programs include being locally rooted yet nationally connected.

Beginning with an understanding of the local context, the programs encourage leaders to tailor solutions to specific challenges in their communities. By fostering a connection with schools and trusts across the country, participants gain new insights and perspectives to enhance their local practices. This emphasis on understanding both local needs and broader national connections strengthens the impact of the golden thread of evidence.

Furthermore, the programs emphasize the importance of relationships among aspiring leaders. Through shared residential experiences, participants build trust, collaborate, and support one another in their mission to address disadvantage in their regions. These relationships not only bolster motivation but also empower leaders to make bold decisions necessary for positive change.

Finally, the programs aim to help participants clarify their leadership values and purpose prior to taking on headship or trust roles. With a clear sense of direction, leaders are better equipped to navigate the challenges of an evolving education system and effectively partner with others to ensure the success of all students.

In conclusion, while the golden thread of evidence is valuable, its impact is maximized when skillfully woven together with contextual understanding, strong relationships, and a clear purpose. The ‘100s’ programs serve as a platform for aspiring leaders to develop these essential skills and cultivate a lasting impact on the education sector.


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