Arizona State, OpenAI to collaborate on ChatGPT education use cases

OpenAI has inked its first partnership with Arizona State University in an effort to bring ChatGPT Enterprise to courses, tutoring and research.

The partnership is notable since ASU is planning to build a personalized AI tutor for students. Generative AI in education has been a hot topic as some universities have moved to ban its use. Other institutions have embraced generative AI. Meanwhile, students are using tools like ChatGPT and educational services like Chegg and Khan Academy have already partnered with OpenAI, which just launched its GPT Store

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In addition, the education technology stack is looking to embed generative AI.

According to ASU, the plan is to begin use of ChatGPT Enterprise with faculty and staff. ASU said it is focusing on enhancing student success, finding new research avenues and streamlining processes. ASU created an AI accelerator within its enterprise technology department last year. 

On the privacy front, ASU said it will safeguard user data. ASU CIO Lev Gonick said in a statement:

“The goal is to leverage our knowledge core here at ASU to develop AI-driven projects aimed at revolutionizing educational techniques, aiding scholarly research and boosting administrative efficiency.”


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