‘Chip Gaines Named as Brand Ambassador for Bobcat Company’

Chip Gaines, co-founder of Magnolia and renowned home renovation expert, has partnered with Bobcat Company, a leading equipment manufacturer, to inspire audiences to pursue their DIY dreams.

Gaines, known for his hit show “Fixer Upper” and strong passion for home improvement, has been a loyal customer and supporter of Bobcat for years. Through this exciting partnership, Gaines aims to showcase his admiration for the Bobcat brand to his audience.

Expressing his excitement about the collaboration, Gaines shared, “I’ve been using Bobcat equipment on my farm in Waco for years, and I can’t imagine working without it. My Bobcat machines have been instrumental in bringing my biggest ideas to life. Growing up, I always admired those driving Bobcat skid-steers, and now, being in the driver’s seat is a dream come true. Bobcat is a world-class brand, and I am incredibly proud and thrilled about this partnership.”

In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Gaines and his family lead a farm lifestyle in Texas, where they tend to gardens and take care of goats, pigs, and horses. Gaines has been showcasing the work he accomplishes with his Bobcat equipment, including a compact tractor, zero-turn mower, compact track loader, and utility vehicle, across his social media platforms.

Bobcat, known for its legacy products like the skid-steer loader, has expanded its consumer offerings to cater to homeowners with acreage seeking professional-grade equipment. The partnership with Gaines aligns perfectly with Bobcat’s commitment to providing innovative solutions to professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Laura Ness Owens, Bobcat’s Vice President of Brand and Marketing, emphasized the synergy between Gaines’ entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to hard work with the Bobcat brand. Owens stated, “Chip embodies the values of entrepreneurship, hard work, and community engagement that resonate with the Bobcat brand. Together, we aim to empower people to accomplish more and have fun in the process.”

This partnership highlights Bobcat’s dedication to providing top-of-the-line equipment and solutions. Stay tuned for more updates on the collaboration between Gaines and Bobcat. To explore other Bobcat brand ambassadors and learn more about the partnership with Chip Gaines, visit the Bobcat website.


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