Co-founder of Monzo starts AI startup to revolutionize software development industry

Jonas Templestein, co-founder of Monzo, has embarked on a new venture with a startup that aims to revolutionize software development. The new company, called Nustom, is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to enable low or no-code web development. Backed by OpenAI and Index Ventures, Nustom has already started its fundraising efforts and recruitment drive.

The vision of Nustom is bold – they believe that in the next decade, the majority of software will be created by individuals without technical backgrounds, working alongside AI. Their end-to-end SaaS offering is targeted towards those who need software solutions but lack the expertise to build or manage it.

Despite Monzo’s success and ongoing discussions for selling a stake to Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, Templestein has shifted his focus to Nustom. He is joined by Oliver Beattie, also a former Monzo executive. Together with Maria Campbell, who has been appointed as the COO, the founding team is set to lead Nustom into the future.

While Nustom’s ultimate goal is to enable AI to develop software independently, the company will initially rely on human engineers to ensure quality. With a team consisting of Monzo alumni and experienced professionals, Nustom is poised to make waves in the tech industry.

Nustom’s approach signifies a shift in the traditional software development landscape and highlights the growing influence of AI in the sector. As they continue to expand their team and develop their technology, Nustom aims to be at the forefront of innovation in software development.


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