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MANHATTAN, N.Y., February 17, 2024 (Diffuse PR) – As the world continues to address the challenges posed by rapid development of AI and robotics plus depletion of mental wellbeing, the search for sustainable mental longevity solutions becomes increasingly vital. Chronic stress and stress-related exhaustion disorder (ED), the latter including serious physiological effects on the endocrine and nervous systems, are on the rise and increasingly seen in younger patients. Thus, it is imperative that we identify and treat these conditions early. This is where Vital Neuro comes in. By monitoring real-time brain activity and providing simultaneous feedback using neuroresponsive music, Vital Neuro’s device helps drive the brain into various desired states such as relaxation, meditation, sleep, focus, and other peak brain states. 

Neurotech holds tremendous potential as a sustainable alternative to decrease the enormous gap between life cycle and health cycle, the latter when mental health begins to deteriorate. The elderly population is the fastest-growing sector of our societies, giving rise to a tsunami of patients with dementia, Alzheimer’s and other cognitive disorders.

This week, Dr. Kamran Fallahpour, Director of Brain Resource Center presents his work with Vital Neuro at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, discussing his use of neurotech to explore updating the human brain operating system. The goal is to pioneer the transformative process of converting humans’ “ancient brain” operating systems into efficient and updated ones.

Additionally, Dr. Fallahpour delves into the concept of tuning into the brain-computer interface and studying how these advances contribute to restoring the human brain’s delicate ability to self-regulate affective and cognitive processes.

In conclusion, developments in neurotechnology, such as Vital Neuro, will lead us to a sustainable ability to regulate our nervous system. This is a significant step towards achieving an updated “Human Brain Operating System” and will improve mental wellbeing, longevity and transcendence potential of this technology.

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