New 3,055 TEU containerships named by Wan Hai

Wan Hai Lines Ltd. recently held ship naming ceremonies for Wan Hai 372 and Wan Hai 376 at Japan Marine United Corporation’s ARIAKE Shipyard. These two vessels are part of the 3,055 TEU containerships built by the shipyard.

The company has also placed an order for a third batch of 3,055 TEU-class vessels from Japan Marine United Corporation. This batch consists of 12 vessels, with Wan Hai 372 and Wan Hai 376 being the eighth and eleventh vessels in this series.

These vessels are equipped with Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (LSFO) and incorporate modern energy-saving technology to prioritize energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

In a similar event in April, Wan Hai Lines hosted a ship naming ceremony for Wan Hai A15 at Samsung Heavy Industries’ Geoje shipyard along with a charity event. The company is committed to expanding its fleet with environmentally friendly and energy-efficient vessels to meet the demands of the shipping industry.


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