New Animated Film Set in the World of Super Mario Bros. Announced

Illumination Studios and Nintendo have announced a collaboration on a new animated film based on the popular world of Super Mario Bros. The theatrical release is scheduled for April 3, 2026, in the United States and international markets.

Directors Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic will helm the project, working from a screenplay by Matthew Fogel. The film will be co-financed by Universal Pictures and Nintendo, with Universal handling worldwide distribution.

Melendantri, the founder and CEO of Illumination, along with Shigeru Miyamoto, Fellow of Nintendo, will be producing the film. Illumination, known for hits like “Despicable Me,” “The Lorax,” and “The Secret Life of Pets,” expressed excitement about bringing the beloved characters and stories of Super Mario Bros. to audiences of all ages.

Nintendo also shared its enthusiasm for the project, stating that they aim to create unique entertainment that puts smiles on people’s faces. They are dedicated to delivering this entertainment to as many people as possible.

The announcement was accompanied by a video from both Illumination and Nintendo, giving fans a sneak peek into what they can expect from this highly anticipated film.


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