New Mexico Sky Will Be Illuminated by the Northern Lights

I know what you’re thinking; “the Northern Lights in New Mexico?! Impossible!”

That’s what I thought too- until I saw that even in Texas you can catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. While the Aurora Borealis is typically seen in the northern hemisphere- hence, the “northern lights”, many in both Texas and New Mexico have gotten a chance to see the phenomenon! This is what it looked like in Texas:

Just as it did in Texas, New Mexico saw the same red-hued Aurora Borealis last year- and this spring, it looks like those in New Mexico can prepare to be dazzled once again!

According to astronomers, the intensity and visibility of the auroras are influenced by solar activity, with periods of increased solar activity, such as solar storms, leading to more spectacular displays.

Back in April, Melanie Templet with the Rio Rancho Astronomical Society told KOB that the lights are real and could happen again soon. And this year, towards the end of March, it looks like New Mexico will be blessed with the lights hitting parts of New Mexico like Taos and Rio Rancho.

Just as New Mexico will get to see the Northern Lights, it’s possible that us here in Texas will also get to see them. KOB says that if you want to track the auroras, you can do so here to see where your best chance of seeing them in New Mexico are.

So, it looks like if you’ve always wanted to see the Northern Lights, but don’t want to travel to, say, the arctic circle, New Mexico is your next best choice- it definitely beats going through freezing temperatures! And, luckily, New Mexico has many great choices for some camping!


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